Very cool Western Union balloon columns

western union station balloons denver western union mile high station balloons denver

How cool are these custom printed balloon columns?  These were custom made for a party at Mile High Station in Denver.  Have a party or event in Denver soon?  Call us now for the best balloon decorations in this city!  Check out our website for even more ideas.

Golfing themed party

Balloon Golf Tee Balloon Golf Tee2

This event had a special golf theme.  We made special balloon columns in the shape of golf tee’s and added the vinyl decal to the large 36″ balloon topper.

Tweedle Dee & Dum from Alice in Wonderland

tweedle dee and dum from alice in wonderland tweedle dee and dum from alice in wonderland 2

These guys were sort of annoying in the movie Alice in Wonderland, but they were huge fun at this party.  They stood almost 6 feet tall.  All of these wonderful decorations were a big hit at this Alice in Wonderland themed party.

Spice up a conference room with balloons!

balloon-columns-conference-room balloon-ceiling-decorations

Why settle for a boring atmosphere when you can spice it up with creative balloon decor?  Here we used balloon columns and balloon ceiling centerpieces to punch things up.

Shag Carpet Balloon Columns

Shag carpet balloon columns Shag carpet balloon columns 2

Need an explosion of color?  How about our multi-color shag carpet balloon columns?  I know you want them! These were made for a Zumiez event in Keystone, Colorado.

Balloon Columns and Spiral Balloon Arch

balloon-columns-with-string-arch large-spiral-arch

Any large outdoor event benefits from balloon decor.  We can work with almost any buget.  Here are a couple items we decided to use for this large outdoor run/walk.  Contact us for what we can do for your outdoor event.

A Special Music Themed Bat Mitzvah

sydney-bat-mitzvah sydney-bat-mitzvah2

This balloon decor was ordered by for a Bat Mitzvah.  Certain colors and music notes were requested.  We created the balloon columns with the mylar balloon numbers and stars.  Using the requested colors and special music note printed latex we created balloon bouquets that perfectly matched the other decor in the room.