Special balloon sculptures

Lucky Charms Mr Potato Head

Looking at these special balloon sculptures you can only imagine how much fun they brought to the parties and events in the local Denver area.  Have a special event or party?  Contact us for a special balloon sculpture!

Special purple themed birthday party

hot air balloon birthday hot air balloon birthday 2

This birthday party was for a special lady who liked purple.  Do you have a favorite color?  Contact us and let us bring your favorite color to your party!

Balloon Kites and Fun & Funky Columns

Balloon Kites 3 Fun and Funky balloon columns 3

What do you get when you use our balloon kites and our fun & funky balloon columns?  You get a ton of attention!  These balloon decorations are a great pop of color and dramatically usher all kinds of attention your way!

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland

alice from alice in wonderland alice from alice in wonderland 2

We recently decorated a Alice in Wonderland themed party.  Here is Alice in front of a wall of twisted flowers.  Over the next several posts we will feature all of the decorations from the party.  Contact us with a theme and let us dazzle you with what we can do for you.